We love hearing from our happy customers about how our
kittens are thriving in there new homes...
Shevangibengal Kairi    born January 13, 2013
Queen: Shevangibengals Suharra  Dad:   Shevangibengal Sujad
Shevangibengal Boston Belladonna    born January 28, 2012
Queen: Shevangibengals Manju  Dad:   Millwood Shardul

Bella has been a joyful addition to my household and now is my older male Bengal's best buddy.  
She and Buccaneer play and sleep together like old pals.  She was very well socialized when she
arrived home so had no trouble integrating into the household.  She is very sweet and smart,
showing everyone how she knows how to open doors!!!  She even learned to walk on a leash in
her harness.  She is well behaved for the veterinarian and a very good girl when I trim her nails.  
One of her favorite past-times is watching the birds who visit the balcony.  My catsitters all love to
work with her and Buccaneer because they are well behaved, yet active and playful all the while.
She is most loved and adored- Kathy C, Arlington, VA
Queen: Shevangibengal Suhara  Dad:   Shevangibengal Suhad

After a thorough search of the Mid-Atlantic region it was quite apparent that the Bengals bred by
Regis & Renate are the most exquisite.  The beauty of these cats may only be exceeded by their
playful and loving temperaments... Our little wild cat Rey has become a beloved member of the family
and is everything we ever hoped for, from when he curls up in a little ball to sleep on one of our laps
to when he's chasing one of his toys.


Jeremy & Vanessa