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Raising purebred TICA registered brown tricolored
golden glittered Bengal Cats.  We are located in
Rockville Maryland, close to Baltimore, Virginia and
Our wild looking little Leopards are raised in a loving
environment to achieve gentle temperaments and
wonderful purrrrsonalities.
Our kittens are Vet checked,twice vaccinated,
dewormed and come with a Health Certificate,
Watch out for our Blog below, where we will
post tips, facts  and what you should know
about Bengals and Bengal Kittens  and we
will occasionally have stories from our
Cattery.  We will try to change it often.
We have new kittens one
male born Jan 13, 2017 and
3 more  
kittens born on Feb. 5, 2017.
We are currently taking
deposits. Our kittens are
ready to go to their forever
homes when they are 12
weeks old and had their first
2 vaccinations and
deworming and have
received a Health certificate
from the Vet..  Please give us
a call at 240 477 4850 or text
us at 301 580 4502 or e-mail
us at extratec@comcast.net.
Please always include your  
name and tel. number or
Iphone nbr.  We are going to
have more kittens
Jewel has been sold and lives in
Upper State New York now.
     The kitten born Jan. 13 is now climbing out  of his
      birthing crate and investigating the room.  Just love
      this little creature.  Since he is an only child he is
      a little chubby.  I have been picking him up since he
      was about 5 days old.  He recognises me now.d
      I will take him downstairs tomorrow so he can meet
      the other cats.  This is all part of socialising the
      kitten.   The mother soon will stop feeding him
      slowly and weaning him.  At that time the kitten
      will start eating solid food and drinking water and
      also starting to  use the litter box. Cannot wait when
      the little one will be able to come down for longer
      periods of time and we will play together.

      The three that were born on Feb 5 are also getting
      quite big. They will open their eyes when they are
      about 10 days old.  Right now the mother hardly
           leaves them.  She only comes out of her
                    Birthing Crate when she eats or drinks
Kittens have arrived by the